excor pediatric
EXCOR® Pediatric is a system of mechanical assisted blood circulation that provides short-term or medium-term support for the operation of the right and / or left ventricles of the heart if they are deficient.

EXCOR® has proven effective in several thousands of patients, demonstrating efficacy and safety.

The system is specially designed for infants and children with life-threatening heart failure, resistant to optimal medication.

Treatment with EXCOR® Pediatric allows patients with severe heart failure to return to the highest possible quality of life.


EXCOR® Pediatric is designed as a reliable system for use for days, months and even years. Materials, surfaces and geometrically shaped are optimally selected, which allows to avoid the occurrence of complications, even with prolonged use. As a manufacturer specializing in the systems of mechanical blood circulation support, we used all the scientific and practical experience, as well as our own knowledge, so that today we can make available for clinical use a complete system with proven efficacy and minimal risk of complications. Today EXCOR® VAD systems are used in more than 150 specialized centers around the world.
An extensive range of accessories for the individualization of mechanical assisted blood circulation.

The EXCOR® system is equipped with paracorporeal, pulsating membrane pumps and implantable silicone cannulas.

The EXCOR® system meets all the anatomical, clinical and practical requirements for providing ancillary circulation by having an extensive line of pumps for injecting blood of various sizes with different valve designs, a wide choice of atrial, apical and arterial cannulas, as well as stationary and mobile actuators.
You will always choose the appropriate system according to the individual needs of each patient.

Indications for use:

The EXCOR® Pediatric system is designed for use in newborns and children with acute or chronic heart failure, refractory to optimal medication and invasive treatment.

Worldwide, the system is implanted in patients with NYHA class IV heart failure, rated 1-5 according to the INTERMACS scale.

EXCOR® Pediatric has been successfully used in patients with:

  • cardiomyopathy
  • acute myocarditis
  • postcardiotomy insufficiency
  • complicated congenital heart disease
  • posttransplantation insufficiency

EXCOR® Pediatric provides vital treatment for severely ill patients with dysfunction of the parenchymal organs on the background of severe heart failure.

It is possible to switch from ECMO or other short-term blood circulation systems to the EXCOR® Pediatric system.

During ancillary circulation using EXCOR® Pediatric, diagnostic or interventional procedures are allowed.

Age and category of patients: from newborns (> 2 kg) to adolescents.

Time to support blood circulation: from several hours to several months.

Among others, there are patients with blood circulation support for more than one year.

Possible methods of treatment:

  • Bridge to a heart transplant
  • Bridge to recovery