Catheters and probes without phthalates
Currently, all catheters and probes in gastroenterology - feeding, duodenal, gastric and rectal - are made of a material that does not contain phthalates. The new material, which is used as a plasticizer poliadipat was thoroughly tested according to ISO 10993, it is not a health risk and is approved for use in the EU.

One of the factors limiting the lifetime of the probes is the loss of flexibility that develops as a result of the transition of plasticizer in the surrounding tissue in a short period of time. New material provides greater durability of the product due to the fact that the migration of plasticizer decreased significantly. As a result, the company "Assomedica" may recommend the use of probes without phthalates for up to four weeks, significantly reduce costs in order to be implemented in one patient.

Side effect
Gastrointestinal probes and catheters in contact with the mucous membrane of the digestive tract. Since the absorption of substances is the main function of the gastrointestinal tract,phthalates released from medical devices enter the body. Therefore, our company has excluded phthalates the manufacture of its products.

Length modifications, catheter tip design and connector replacement shall be agreed upon with the customer. Medical catheters and tubes are own products and are made in accordance with Technical Specification BY 190682947.002-2008.

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